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Night sky is the one of most beautiful thing in this world. And the year 2024 will witness some most beautiful astronomical events this year.

  1. Jan 18th — Jupiter and the moon dancing together

On 18th of Jan you could see the Moon and the Jupiter very close to each other. The Jupiter would look very bright just at the bottom of Moon.

Moon and Jupiter conjuction

If you miss it then you can also enjoy it on 14th Feb, 13th March and 10th April later in this year.

2. April 8th — A diamond ring (Total solar eclipse)

On the 8th of April you would be able to enjoy a total solar eclipse if you are in USA. Total solar eclipse is a very beautiful type of eclipse it covers the Sun completely making the region darker for a while.

A diamond ring (Total solar eclipse)

While covering the Sun the eclipse looks like a diamond ring.

3. 21st April — A bright comet

On the 21st April a very rare astronomical event will take place when a comet named 12P/Pons-Brooks, three times the size of Mt. Everest will look very bright in the night sky.


4. May 4th — The ETA Aquariids Meteor shower

Meteor shower is one of the most beautiful astronomical event. This shower will be pointed towards the Aquarius constellation.

ETA Aquariids Meteor shower

This meteor shower will be active for multiple days but the best day to look at it is May 4th because this day the moon will in its crescent phase and the sky will be darker.

5. September and October — Arrival of comet C/2023 A3

This is going to be the rarest event of 2024 because this comet passed our planet 80,000 years ago. It will be visible in the northern hemisphere throughout the month of September and October during the morning time. But the best day to see it is on 12th Oct.

C/2023 A3

6. October 2nd — The ring of Fire (Solar eclipse)

This is the another type of solar eclipse and also the most beautiful one. In these eclipses Moon doesn’t covers the Sun completely and forms a ring of fire.

Ring Of Fire

The targeted region for this eclipse is in the western hemisphere, in Pacific ocean. So, not many people can enjoy it but it can be viewed in South America.



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