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4 min readDec 27, 2023
  1. G-20 Success :-

This year India hosted the G-20 summit extreme successfully. Yes, the presidency of the G-20 keep rotating but this one was special because the meetings were held in every states of India including Jammu and Kashmir, which gives a strong message to the world that J & K is the integral part of India.


This summit was historical too because of India-Middle East-Europe corridor and African Union(AU) joining the G-20 and it has now became the G-21.

2. Chandrayan-3 Landing :-

This year ISRO also did great achievements. Chandrayan -3 soft landed on the south pole of moon in just 615 crore rupees making India forth nation to soft land on moon and the first to land on the south pole of moon.


This year ISRO also launched its first solar mission Aditya L1.

3. Rupee goes international :-

In the current world the most of the trade is held in the US Dollars and in my previous story I also talked about how the USA is using it as a weapon.

This the international trade with the Indian rupee increased. Now Indians can use the UPI in the Paris too. UAE agreed for the bi-lateral trade in local currencies . RBI is talking with the 60 banks of 18 countries to make Rupee international.

4. Fasted growing economy :-

While most of the countries have still not recovered with the economical effects of Covid-19, India did an exponential growth. India growed by more than 7.8%, which was predicted by 7.2%.

5. UNLF surrender :-

This year the UNLF mallitant group, who wanted to break down the Manipur from India surrendered to the Indian Army and gave up their arms.

6. Growth in defence exports :-

India is the one of biggest importers of arms in the world but this is changing now. This year India’s defence exports were all time high. India is still not in the top 10 exporters of arms but it is growing fast.

By Make In India initiative India is promoting domestic items including defence.

7. World is a family

India is constantly increasing its soft power by the slogan, “World is family” . And this is also proved by the actions of India. India helped everyone in the need despite of having diplomatic issues with the country.

This year during the earthquake in Turkey India launched the ‘Operation Dost’ by sending the NDRF team for rescue missions and the relief aids and became the first nation to send relief aids to the Turkey.

India also continuosly sent relief aids to the Gaza even after being the best friend of Israel. India kept the humanity on top throughout the year.

8. Discovery of 5.9 million tones Lithium reserves in J&K

This year started with a good news of the discovery of 5.9 million tones Lithium reserves in J&K region which can fullfill the 80% EV battnery needs of India.


9. India wins Oscar

This year Indian productions The elephant whispers and Naatu Naatu song won the Oscar. An Indian documentary ‘All that breathes’ was also nominated for the oscars.

Naatu Naatu wins Oscar

10. Sports

Year 2023 will be recorded as the golden year in the history of Indian, India may has lost the Cricket WTC final and WC final but in other sports India created history.

In the chess world cup Indian prodigy Pragnananda became the runner up, India’s women hockey team won FIH nations cup.

Chess WC Final

In the Asian games India gave its best ever performance by winning 107 medals including 28 golds.

India’s para athletes brought 29 gold 31 silvers and 51 bronze back home.



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