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Harvard is one of the oldest existing university in the world . Established by the JOHN HARVARD in early 17th century with the just 400 books in the libray and half of the the John’s estate , its now one of the most best and costliest university in the world . It is located in the USA and is a complete city in its own . Several worldwide most successful people like Helen Keller , Conrad Aiken , James agee and even the several presidents of USA came out of here for example John Adams, followed by John Quincy Adams, both Roosevelts, and John F. Kennedy .

John Harvard

If a student gets chance then the each and every student on the Earth want to study here but its costing of about $70000 makes it impossible . In the year 2022–23 the average costing of a student living , eating and studying in the Harvard university was $74528.

But do you know about Harvard Scolarship ? If the student’s family earning is less than $75000 , then that student can get a scholarship that have never to be repaid . Yes , you heard that wright .It is mentioned on the official website of the Harvard University that the Harvard is commited to the affordability . That means you have to pay $0 to study at Harvard . If your family earning is more than $150000 , then also you mayqualify for the financial aid.

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