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  1. Solar System and Space:
  • Create a model of the solar system or a specific planet.
  • Study the phases of the moon and create a lunar calendar.
  • Investigate the effects of microgravity on plant growth.


  • Build a simple electric motor or a homemade telescope.
  • Explore the relationship between the length of a pendulum and its period.
  • Investigate the factors affecting the distance a paper airplane can fly.


  • Conduct experiments on chemical reactions, like the classic baking soda and vinegar volcano.
  • Study the effects of different substances on plant growth (e.g., water, salt, or caffeine).
  • Create a pH indicator using common household items.


  • Observe and document the behavior of ants or other insects in response to various stimuli.
  • Investigate the effects of environmental factors (light, temperature, humidity) on seed germination.
  • Examine the microorganisms found in different water sources.

5.Environmental Science:

  • Analyse water pollution by testing the quality of water from different sources.
  • Create a terrarium to study the water cycle and the greenhouse effect.
  • Investigate the impact of various types of trash on decomposition rates.


  • Design and build a simple bridge, tower, or other structure to test its strength and stability.
  • Create a Rube Goldberg machine to perform a simple task in a complex way.
  • Experiment with different materials to build a functional parachute.

7.Health and Nutrition:

  • Study the nutritional content of different foods and their effects on human health.
  • Investigate the importance of exercise by comparing the heart rates of individuals before and after physical activity.
  • Examine the hygiene and sanitation of different surfaces in your school.


  • Conduct experiments on topics like memory, attention, or perception.
  • Study the effects of color on mood and behavior.
  • Investigate the impact of music on concentration and productivity.


  • Examine the formation and properties of different types of rocks and minerals.
  • Investigate the effects of erosion and weathering on landforms.
  • Create a model to simulate earthquakes and study their effects.


  • Study the growth patterns of different types of plants under varying conditions.
  • Investigate the effects of light or music on plant growth.
  • Explore the process of photosynthesis and its factors.



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