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POK (Pakistan Ocupied Kashmir) is illegally occupied by the Pakistan government and it gives the direct land access to the China for Pakistan.

POK is the one of the most controversial topic between India and Pakistan. It is claim by the both of the countries that the POK is part of their country. Both the countries fought total four battles in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 but there is still no conclusion. Every time Pakistan declared the war first, but lost by India in every war. Both the countries were divided on the basis of religion in the year 1947, at the time of Independence.


At the time of independence there were total 584 princely states in India. After the decision of partition, every state had their own rights to go in whatever country they want. On the other side Hari Singh, the ruler of Kasmir wanted to make it a independent country. But both of the countries tended him to join them. Finally, the frustrated Pakistani government invaded the Kashmir on 22 October, 1947. Hari Singh somehow escaped and went to the Indian government for the help.


The Indian government did a deal with him that they will help him but they want the Kashmir for the help. Hari Singh agreed and decided to give Kashmir to the India. India went with its soldiers but until then the Pakistan had already captured almost the half of Kashmir (today known as POK). On the 1st January, 1949 the war ended by the ceasefire through the UNSC resolution 211. Depending upon the positions of soldieers, the border was drew known as LOC (Line Of Control).


Today POK is the strategic area for the India, Pakistan and the China. If India reunfied the POK then it will give a direct access to the central Asia for the India. However, if the Pkistan loses the POK then it will lose the direct access to the China and China will also lose the Gwadar port and its strategy to counter the India with the ‘String Of Pearls strategy’ will eventually failed and the China will also get a huge loss because currently it is doing the big constructions in POK.

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