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Increase your marks by correcting these mistakes in your way of writing the examination paper

1.Overwritig is one of the most common mistakes that even toppers do sometimes . Never write more than the need . Sometimes students write the long answers in the begening questions carrying 1 marks because of which they lack the time in the end questions containing 5 to 10 marks each. Never write more than 2–3 lines in 1 marks question or more than 5–6 line in 2–3 marks questions . And 5–10 marks question’s should be described briefly with digrams if there is any .

2.Writing in sequence is the another mistake done by students . There is no any rule that students have to write in the sequence only but the answer written in a sequence looks beautiful and most probably a examiner will tend to give more marks to these students as compared to students who doesn’t write in a sequence . Its a pschycology.

3.Looking at the options first in the MCQs is the another mistake When we look at the options first sometimes we don’t solve the question completely and tick the nearer answer and lose the marks . This mistake is usually done in numericals of Mths and Physics .

4 .Writing in a bad handwriting is the anothe mistake . I know that the handwriting of some students are naturally awful and I am also one of them but if you put an effort then you can write the first two pages in good handwriting which will create and atleast a good impression on examiners about you and you can show your actual handwriting in the later pages . Its the psychcology that th humans like beauty and a student with a good handwriting will tend the exminer to give more marks .

5.Writing in paragraphs is the another mistake . You should write an answer in th points which helps your answer to look like a topper’s answer .

6.Attempting the questions with negative marking . If you are not sure about the answer in the question containg negative marking then never attempt it , it can give ypu a huge loss .

If you correct these mistakes then surely you can increase upto 10–15% in your exams . Thank you , follow for the more .



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